Frame Features

“When not just any frame will do” There is much more to your Bourgeois Eyewear than meets the eye.

Bourgeois Eyewear include the following features:

  • Double action spring hinges, designed to reduce accidental breakage, by avoiding the most vulnerable half open position.
  • P.V.C. soft nose pad material, designed to form fit comfortably, and to not discolor prematurely.
  • Built in pantoscopic tilt, angled for faster adaptation to new progressive or bifocal Rx.
  • Strategically positioned nose pads (to the millimeter) with full adjustment capabilities, designed to reduce the feel of overall weight, making daily wearers feel like they are not wearing glasses.
  • Hand made textured tips designed not to crack during adjustment.
  • A combination of alloys which allow product to take adjustment and keep that adjustment. (Over 95% of people will require adjustment to their eyewear, in order to allow for maximum comfort and function).  Licensed eyewear providers are well trained to make those critical adjustments.  Your Bourgeois Eyewear is designed to hold that adjustment.
  • Special attention to end piece extension and angle; also to certain vital lens shape curves, not only result is overall eye appeal, but also lab friendly mounting.
  • The finest electroplating finish available; ensures vibrant colors and no premature discoloration. Always appropriately color matched with plastic textured temple tip; makes for a rich look for final presentation to patients.
  • The perfect amount of Zink with the correct solder temperature, to avoid solder point breakage.
  • Style numbers by categories (3000 series for mens, 7000 series for ladies) etc. which will narrow down style search, to fit patients comfort zone and self image.  Reducing confusion, that can be associated with choosing a frame.
  • A round micro fiber cleaning cloth is included.  Round cloth shape reduces bunching up which is typical of square shape cloths.  Most eyewear providers prefer the Bourgeois Eyewear cloth.
  • Bourgeois Eyewear includes branded matching case & cloth (case has special spring designed to snap shut, if dropped), helping to protect your eyewear.